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-origins of the filth-


Located in the far end of the Omega Galaxy was a planet named Nypso 50h16. This planet was one of the largest in its galaxy and its inhabitants were known as the Fugorions.

The Fugorions were an intelligent species who possessed highly advanced technology and loved to explore and develop new things. Over time, their team of hardworking scientists were able to work on successfully developing a liquid called ‘Filth’. On this particular day, the scientists behind the invention of the filth gathered to show their supreme Queen – Mother Architect – all about the Filth.

“Good day, my queen,” greeted Rohkew – the lead scientist of the team. “What we have here is an ultimate fluid of life!”, he continued, holding up a greenish-blue molten liquid fizzling in a transparent cylindrical jar.

He then went on to explain to her how the filth contains their DNA and how it could be used to create a new species with augmented and accelerated evolution, and also more technological advancement, when mixed with that of another species.

“We have sent some scouts into the galaxy and they have discovered the perfect species for our creation. The species is the hominid and they are on earth,” Rohkew further added and went on giving the queen more specific details which included where and how they could locate the planet through which they will access the galaxy where earth was located, the things they will need to be able to create the portal that will take them there, and the specific hominid – a female ape named Protokong – that the filth was to be injected into.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, a spy from another alien species called Irkoids had been sent to investigate their future technology, and was listening to everything that was being said. After hearing all that the scientists had to say, he sent a message via an ultra-speed signal to his commanding officer.

filth spewer lore

After receiving his message, the commander of the Irkoids decided to send one of their motherships to Nypso 50h16 in order to obtain the filth. In a matter of seconds, the mothership was fully armed, and set on course to the planet.

Within minutes of taking off, the mothership reached Nypso 50h16, entered the planet’s atmosphere and released 15 smaller ships with soldiers, to break into the laboratory where the filth was kept and thereby take it.

By the time they reached there, they discovered that the fluid was gone. Out of rage and fury, the Irkoid soldiers proceeded to torture the scientists in charge of the project in order to find out where it was. However, because of their loyalty, the scientists refused to disclose the whereabouts of the filth, which was already sent to Mother Architect.

Being the violent species they were, the Irkoids killed them without mercy and proceeded to kill other Fugorions. Their extremely lethal weapons, which included laser spray guns, lightning bolt arrows, and flaming swords killed and maimed at very fast rates. The Furigons continued to run about, trying to escape the dreadful massacre brought upon them by these terrible Irkoids, but many of them were caught and killed.

Fortunately, Mother Architect had quickly received information about the invasion of the Irkoids, and was able to get to the secret bunker with her five sons in time before the Irkoids reached them. As they reached the bunker and securely locked the doors behind them, the queen proceeded to explain to them how critical the situation was and the task she needed them for.

“Flid, Fujin, C#0, Plutar, and Foribus,” the queen called out each of her sons, while simultaneously patting each on the head. “Now that we are under attack, and the Irkoids are bent on stealing our precious filth, I need you all for a very special assignment,” she continued.

Then she reached for the capsule in which the cylindrical jar containing the filth was stored, brought it out, and placed it the hand of Foribus – her eldest son.

“Contained in this jar is a very powerful life-creating liquid. I need you to take it to earth and inject a hominid named Protokong with it. Our DNA is in it, and it will create a new species so that we can perpetuate ourselves in other forms,” she told them, and vehemently warned them all to refrain from ingesting the liquid.

“I am very serious, do not take in any portion of this potent liquid,” she reiterated and then went ahead to pick up a silver-coated spherical object from one of the drawers in the bunker. This object was a Preternatural Nebula Orb (P.N.O).

“Here, you will need this to get onto earth,” she said, handing it to Flid. She then went on to explain  to them how they were going to meet a powerful incorporeal being that takes on many forms, on reaching Yngwie, and that they should give the P.N.O to him so he could use it to get them into the galaxy that contained earth.

After telling them all these, she led them through a secret pathway that lead to where the special spaceships were parked. Then she pointed at the one with the name ‘Shuttle of Lucidity’, and told her sons it had been prepared and programmed to travel to Yngwie, where they would meet Vuiligheid.

“Get in, and get going,” she said to them, and in response they all made their way into the shuttle, bade their mother farewell and Foribus ignited the engine. As soon as he did, the shuttle lifted off and began its journey to Yngwie.


Traveling at a speed of 9,000kmph, the queen’s five young children continued their journey to Yngwie. Being the fun-loving and carefree younglings they were, they started a little party among themselves, for the sake of having fun, and began to discuss about how strange and surprising the things that had just happened on their home planet were. However, they were too naïve and carefree to be bothered, so they carried on with drinking and smoking, and were all now intoxicated when Fujin – the youngest among them – went to the capsule in which the P.N.O was stored, pulled it out, and held it in the air.

“I wonder how it works,” he said as he looked at it curiously and after talking briefly about it with his brothers, returned it into the capsule. Then he went ahead to pull out the filth from its own capsule, and staggering a bit, said “Do you know filth has DMT in it?”.

“Yes, that’s true. I overheard one of the scientists saying it does,” replied Flid.

‘’Let’s each take shots of it,” he continued, as he got up from his chair to reach for the filth in Fujin’s hand.

“No, we should not disobey mother. The DMT is a hallucigenic drug that gives an intense psychedelic experience, and it can be dangerous,” C#0 protested, and Flid agreed with him. But after Foribus weighed in on the matter, he was able to convince them to try it out.

“It’s just for fun,” he said smiling, patting Plutar and C#0 on the shoulders.

After they all agreed to take it, Fujin placed the filth on the table and with a syringe he found in one of the compartments in the shuttle, he extracted some and injected it into his arm.

 The others followed suit and within 15 seconds, they all fell into an intense trance.

In this trance, they all astral projected to a place that was pitch black. Slowly a bright light that seemed to be coming from a star began to emerge and at a point began to speed up towards them. By the time the light was really close to them, it suddenly exploded and in a fast paced time-lapse, they were taken back to the very beginning of how the planet earth formed and how life evolved on it. Soon enough, they reached the point where the earth was currently at, and were further shown a vision of what earth would be like, in the future. After this vision of the future, they were taken back again to the current point they recognized and suddenly the bright light vanished.

After this light vanished, they all came out of the trance. As soon as they did, C#0 and Plutar, feeling sick, rushed to the restroom and began to puke, while Fujin and Flid shakingly hugged each other. Foribus however, reached for the syringe, drew out another round of filth and injected himself again. However, he didn’t get into any trance this time but simply passed out.

In that moment, Flid managed to speak out “I feel like my eyes will pop out of my head any moment from now,” as he staggered to his seat. Soon after he also passed out and the other three did so in a matter of seconds.

The shuttle of lucidity was on autopilot all along, and the destination was already programmed. About an hour after they had all passed out, it finally arrived at Yngwie.




Foribus woke up few minutes after the shuttle landed, and as he looked outside, he observed that they shuttle was no longer moving.

“Wake up brothers, we are here!” he shouted as he began to shake each of his brothers in a bid to get them to wake up. Soon enough, they were all awake and stepped out of the shuttle onto the rocky grounds of Yngwie. They were all looking around in awe at the magnificence of the new environment in which they had just landed when Plutar shouted “Look! Over there, look!” while simultaneously pointing at an extremely huge and tall being that reached way up into the sky of Yngwie. Alas! It was Vuiligheid.

Upon sighting this being, they all rushed back into the shuttle out of fear, and stared out through its windows to get more view of him.

Earlier at their home planet, their mother – the queen – had given them a brief description of what Vuiligheid looked like, and what they were now beholding matched that description. His body was like running black water with lights of various colors shining through.  He didn’t specifically have hands and legs, nor did he have a face, but just had the shape of a mountain. Rotating around him in a helical form at a very rapid rate were several star-like bodies with each varying in magnitude.

‘’This is so terrifying,” C#0 said, holding on to Foribus as he shivered.

“There’s no way we are returning out there. We need to leave now” Plutar added and was about to head over to the control board of the shuttle, so he could start its engines, when Foribus held him back.

“Come on guys, mother assured that he’s not going to attack or hurt us,” he said and then went on to encourage his brothers. After a little while, they all agreed to once again, step out of the shuttle. Shakingly, the other four followed, as Foribus led the way. As they stepped on the ground, they all began to hear a voice that appeared to be coming from the enormous spirit-like body, in their heads.

“Who are you and why are you on my planet?” Vuiligheid asked in a terrifying voice that sounded like a combination of thunder and rushing wind.

On hearing this, Foribus summoned courage and facing his direction, replied “We are the five sons of mother architect – Queen of Nypso 50h16.”

“Scientists on our planet developed an advanced liquid that will enable us terraform earth, but when the Irkoids knew about it, they planned to steal it and so, killed many of our people. We managed to escape with it and have been sent by our mother to get your help in opening the portal that will get us to the galaxy where earth is located,” he added.

On hearing this, Vuiligheid then told them that they would need the P.N.O in order to gain access to the portal, just as the queen had earlier mentioned.

“Bring it to me, and put it here” Vuiligheid ordered as a ring of white light appeared in his body.

Quickly, Fujin made his way into the shuttle to get the capsule in which it was and was shortly back outside with it. Still afraid to get nearer to Vuiligheid, he attempted to give it to one of his brothers to place it in him, but none of them took it from him.

Seeing that it was left to him to take it to Vuiligheid, he managed to summon courage and began to walk towards him. As he got close enough and proceeded to pull the P.N.O out of the capsule, his hands shook out of fear and he dropped it.

In a haste, he picked it back up, gulped and placed it in the ring of white light. As soon as he had given it to him, he rushed back to meet his brothers.

Suddenly, everywhere got quiet and in an instance, they found themselves teleported to the top of a floating rock. They were looking around in wonder at what had just happened, when they heared Vuiligheid’s voice again, telling them to sit in a circle. As soon as they did this, the P.N.O came out of Vuiligheid’s body and lands in their center.

“I have activated it, and now it will work,” he said to them.

Few seconds passed, and when the young Fugorions saw that nothing was happening, they were about to get back on their feet when suddenly, the P.N.O began to float in the air. Immediately this happened, Vuiligheid embodied them and took over their abilities to move.

He made their arms go up the air and with light and air rotating at an ultra-speed, the portal to the galaxy containing earth was created.

Seconds after this happened, they got reunited with their bodies and were teleported back to their shuttle. By the time they all moved towards to window in order to get a view of their outside, they saw that they were heading towards earth.



Now traveling at a speed of 6,000kmph, the young fugorians entered planet earth’s atmosphere and began to slow down for landing and in about two minutes, successfully landed in a place covered with various trees, shrubs, and grass.

In this place there was much vegetation and many kinds of creatures they did not know about, and this made them look around in awe.

After a while, they all gathered round in order to make plans on how to capture a particular hominid named Protokong, and inject it with the filth, just as their mother had instructed. She had showed them images of what the female hominid looked like, and the shuttle had been programmed to land at the area where they would find it, and the tropical rain forest was where they had now landed.

“So, how do we go about it,” C#0 spoke out as they got together.

“Let’s firstly tranquilize it and then we will inject it with the filth and keep it in the cage of light until the birthing process is completed,” Fujin suggested.

They all agreed to this plan, and each went on to pick up a tracker, a communicating device, a camouflage device, and a galactic tranquilizer gun. After they had each equipped themselves, they proceeded out of the shuttle, activated the camouflage device, and spread out in different directions to begin their search of the hominid.

After about an hour of searching, Fujin called out through the communicating device “I’ve seen the ape. I’ve seen her!”. After alerting his brothers and giving them the coordinates of his location, he proceeded to shoot the hominid, and with an accurate aim at her neck, he fired a shot of the powerful tranquilizer at her.

Within seconds, the tranquilizer took effect and she fell to the floor with a loud thud!

Soon, his brothers came to join him and together, they moved her into the shuttle and then into a brightly lit operating room where they set her on the operating table. After this, Foribus got out the galactic needle device, used it to draw out the required of filth liquid and activated it.

After the activation, he proceeded to inject the hominid with it but was interrupted when suddenly, she regained consciousness and held his hand. In quick response, Flid and Plutar each fired a shot of tranquilizer at her, and immediately, she became unconscious again.

To avoid another unwanted resistance, they cuffed her hand and legs, and then Foribus successfully injected her with the activated filth liquid. After the injection had been carried out, they moved her from the operating table into the cage made of light, to await the birthing of the expected new species.

After a full day, the birthing process was complete and the Fugorions, using the knowledge they had acquired about the possible gender of the newly birthed species, described it as a male.

After this, they took Protokong out of the shuttle and released her back into the wild. However, the male she had just birthed was still in the shuttle.

Soon after Protokong had left, she returned and began to act violent. From the window of the shuttle, they looked outside and could see her shaking the nearby trees she could get her hands on, and uprooting several shrubs from the ground in anger. From what was going on, C#0 could sense that she was protesting the withholding of the humanoid she had just birthed.

“Let us release the humanoid to her. That should calm her down,” he said to his brothers, and quickly they went to free the male and took it outside.

As soon as Protokong saw her humanoid male, she began to jump, as if in celebration, and sprang towards him. Then she took him in her arms and headed for her den.

Out of curiosity, the Fugorions traced her to her den by putting the space shuttle in invisible mode. By the time Protokong reached her den with her new humanoid, another humanoid surprisingly walked out of it to welcome her.

This indeed surprised the Fugorions as they thought they were the first to create the new species. After observing the hominid that came out, they recognized that it was a female. They remained puzzled as to how she got there but didn’t bother themselves with wondering or finding out.

“Mission accomplished!” Flid exclaimed in excitement and proceeded to hug his brothers.

“Now we can go home to reclaim what’s ours,” Foribus said, as he pressed a button to ignite the shuttle’s engine, and set it on a course out of earth and back to Nypso 50h16.

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