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Keith JANN SR.

filth spewer is from south bend, indiana. 

our message is to be creative, dream big, and leave a legacy. be creative enough to stand out but, not too much where something is out of reach of possibility. never stop being creative. in life, its very easy to forget about leaving behind an imprint in this world, especially one that will last forever...

we as a band love to make music for many reasons. music is a challenge. its not only a personal challenge to get better and see how far you can take your own talent but, also a challenge to take your talent and blend it with others as well. for filth spewer taking our 5 talents and watching the relationship of these talents evolve is another reason why music can be powerful. comparable to art, each person in our band is uniquely their own medium. all these mediums together is what creates filth spewer. we all look forward to seeing where our sound goes and how far we can push ourselves and each other. we also look forward to inspiring not only other musicians but our audience as well. we would like to show that many things are possible with being focused and the right determination. we can inspire our audience with our music and with the content we create. lastly, we love music because when we play what we create live, the emotion we put into the music is recreated by audience we perform for. 

filth spewer is using lore to create collections of designs for 
merchandise and provide direction for eps and albums. we hope
to be a band that has a huge amount of content alongside of our music. this will allow us to not only use our music to be creative but, also use writing and visual art as well. hopefully one day we will incorporate everything into a live show including digital animations from the lore projected behind the band as we play.

filth spewer in 2020 officially became an llc. with being a llc, in the future filth spewer would like to create a couple of services. this would include a video production service and music lessons from members of the band, the video production service would include filming music videos for artists and also filming live shows. the music lessons would be based on the experience of the person taking the lesson and areas where he/she want to focus on.       


alterbeast, the black dahlia murder, the red chord, between the buried and me, contortionist, abrb, Make them suffer, knights of the abyss, archspire.

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